Micro Needle Derma Roller

I felt like so many people have been waiting for an update on my hair and the progress with the Nizoral and Hairmax Laser Comb. Unfortunately most people are still looking for me to shave my head which is going to be coming by August. In this video you see where my hair is and I introduce the Micro Needle Therapy System.

There are different brands of these but basically there are needles which poke into your skin or scalp and cause mild damage causing your body to kick into action to repair it. Collagen is supposed to be produced by your body and sent to these areas smoothing out wrinkles...

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Hair Loss Update

I wanted to do a quick update on my battle with hair loss. Everyone is waiting for me to shave my head which is something that I’m going to do but I have been back in Indiana because my grandpa is in the hospital. It has been really cold here so I’m going to wait until I get back to Arizona to shave my head. The basic update with my hair is that I still feel like the temporal areas are a major issue and I have been targeting those areas more than the other areas with the Hairmax LaserComb. I don’t have my Nizoral shampoo with me on this trip because the bottles are too big to take in carry on luggage.

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I have been getting a lot of comments on my YouTube channel asking about the Lasergain in comparison to the  Hairmax LaserComb Professional 12 Series.  The Lasergain is a lot cheaper than the Hairmax devices.  This is one of the biggest draws to it.  Also it has more lasers than all the Hairmax devices.  The new Lasergain XL model has 28 lasers compared to the 12 lasers the best Hairmax device has.  There are a few things I don’t like about the pitch and here are some of my replies from a couple months ago to one of my subscribers named Ryan.

“Hey Ryan, I think the LaserGain is interesting. The website looks like a really spammy sales copy but if you go to his eBay page he is selling them like hot cakes. The premise of the whole things seems sound...

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Is S5 Spiro Sketchy?

S5 Spiro

S5 Spiro is a hair loss product that is listed as an Androgen Blocker. It is also said to be a safe alternative to Propecia but I wouldn’t be so sure.  The base ingredient in S5 Spiro is Spironolactone which has been used as a high blood pressure medication.  I feel this had an effect on me.  I couldn’t jog anymore because I would suddenly feel like I was going to pass out.  It was messing with my blood pressure levels.  I felt like I aged 30 years in about a months time.  I feel that Rogaine and S5 Spiro amplified some existing issues that I had with blood pressure levels resulting from low sodium levels.  Also Spironolactone is also taken orally for men who are transsexuals wanting to turn into women...

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Permanent Side Effects From Propecia

A year ago when I started my battle against hair loss I knew about Propecia (finasteride) and knew there were potential side effects.  I did a lot of research and decided against taking it at first.  Plus on top of that I would have to get a prescription for it.  Then I would freak out more about the hair loss situation and would tell myself maybe I should try it.  I was so torn on what to do because I was tripping across videos online of people saying that they were having permanent side effects from taking it.  It was freaky.  It was hard to tell if the people were being truthful or if they were trying to win a big lawsuit.  It is really hard to prove in court if someone has erectile dysfunction...

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Nizoral vs RegenePure

A reoccurring theme in the comments section of my YouTube channel has been about Nizoral Shampoo and RegenePure.  The Nizoral prices were out of control for awhile and from what people have said that has been going on for a long time.  Several viewers have recommended RegenePure.  I’m basically waiting for my Nizoral Shampoo to run out and then I will get some RegenePure to try it out.  One of the main benefits that everyone is talking about is the fact that RegenePure doesn’t dry out your hair as bad as Nizoral.  Not to default to the hair loss from steroids guy again but he did a video review about hair loss shampoos.  In particular he talks about shampoos with ketoconazole.

The hair loss for steroids guy Chris uses what is commonly referr...

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Hair Loss From Steroids Guy

So the first couple times I tripped across the hair loss from steroids guy I was kind of pissed because I’m the real deal.  I have never used performance enhancing drugs.  Being a former Division I college athlete and a professional athlete I am proud to say that my results are real without performance enhancements.  When I saw this guy I thought in my head “Screw this gym rat roid boy……WTF…..how does he have more subscribers than me?”  About the third time I tripped across his channel I watched a few of the videos and the information is actually pretty good.  He doesn’t really bull shit around about the stuff and he has also tried a lot of products...

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Diffused Thinning

My friend James has suffered from diffused thinning since we were in college.  He was always freaking out at the time saying how he was going bald.  At the time I looked at his hair really closely and felt like he just had thinner hair to begin with.  He always seemed like he was over reacting about the whole situation and started using Rogaine.  I understood several years later how he felt, because realizing I was losing my hair freaked me out really bad.  Over the years he was using Rogaine but after I landed in the hospital from having my blood pressure go really low and feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. He realized that he was also feeling pressure in his chest from using Rogaine.  It even says that you can experience that on the box...

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Nizoral Shampoo Prices and Biotin

The price of Nizoral Shampoo has fluctuated all over the place in the year that I have been battling hair loss.  It has been crazy and at one point got to where people were paying over $100 for a single bottle of Shampoo.  The supply got really low and people started listing the stuff at a lot higher price.  I even thought about selling a remaining bottle that I had as well.  Another thing that always comes up on my YouTube channel is nutrition for hair loss.  Biotin can help your hair and nails grow so a lot of people supplement their diet with Biotin.  I found out that most multivitamins have 100% of the Biotin you supposedly need each day.

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Hair Loss Treatment For Women

For a lot of women it isn’t an option to shave their head if they start to lose their hair.  Brittany Spears did it but a lot of chicks aren’t down with that….. lol  Regardless a lot of women want an option in their battle against hair loss.  I feel like their are less viable hair loss treatment regiments out their for women.  Propecia is out of the question for women and  Minoxidil has to be at a lower dosage to start with.  My friend Shalain started using the Hairmax LaserComb Professional 12 Series.

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